Hi, My name is Joseph Barnhart the producer for Growing Peanut Butter. Having grown up on a farm I understand the hard work it takes and the little financial reward that one has as a farmer. As I have been disabled all my life I am unable to do much the physical labor that a farm requires. This production is one way I can give back to this little appreciated area of industry. Especially as the general public understands very little of where their food comes from.

Growing Peanut Butter will chronicle the journey the peanut plant has taken from ancient history to more modern history. It will also include details from planting to harvest. Described along the way are important details that very few know about of this very important crop. From ancient history to putting peanut butter in the jar – this will be the most in-depth and original Documentary to date that we know of on this subject.

Moving on – a good friend and neighbor lady spoke of growing up on a small farm back in the day. She described Peanut Hay Stacking and using mules when she was very young. That very week prior to this I was in communication with the Georgia Department of Agriculture Museum in Tifton, Georgia to see if they could assist in replicating scenes from this era. In the reply they mentioned they would be doing a Peanut Hay Stacking and were very excited to have me come and film this. To make it even more authentic they were happy to have a mule harnessed to plow for a more authentic presentation as well.

This is only one example of the interesting journey Growing Peanut Butter has taken behind the scenes. Some amazing people have opened many doors in their desire to see this production happen. These include local farmers, county agents, and others – all the way up to manufacturing. It has been very fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes in getting a Jar of Peanut Butter to your Kitchen Table.

Help support this project financially if your able or in the least share it with your email list and social media network. We greatly appreciate your interest and all of those who have took part in making it happen. Visit the Kickstarter page to learn about funding opportunities and the exciting rewards offered for doing so.